Proper Treatment for Cervical Cancer for Specific Condition

You may already know about various treatments for cervical cancer that properly applied based on its stage. Less of you may also know about the perfect treatment to apply for specific condition of cervical cancer patient. There are two specific conditions that will study here. Those conditions are recurrent cervical cancer and cervical cancer during pregnancy.
Recurrent cervical cancer
Before talking about what proper treatment to apply dealing with this condition then you need to know what it means by recurrent cancer. Recurrent cervical cancer is the condition when the cancer is come back after treatment applied. In fact, cancer cell can come back in the first infection area or near with it. The common infected area are cervix, uterus or near the pelvic organs. Some rare case is also happen when the cancer cell is occur in some distant are such as spread into the lung, bone, bloodstream or in lymphatic system.
If the cervical cancer is recurred in the pelvis area then extensive surgery such as pelvic exenteration is proper to apply. This method proves to achieve success around 40 up to 50%. To relieve the symptom, you may take some chemo or radiation treatment. If you choose chemotherapy then you should understand that there is some goal and limitation to apply. The best way is held some previous discussion with your doctor before applied it.
Cervical cancer during pregnancy
Pregnancy is critical period since what you do in this period will affect not only you but also the fetus inside the womb. That is why you must be carefully examined and chooses the proper treatment. Even though there is only small case of cervical cancer during pregnancy but it is still possible to happen. If the cancer that infected is still in early age such as 1A then you may safely continue the pregnancy.
When you already deliver the baby then you can continue to the next treatment method. Usually, several weeks after delivery process, you can take a cone biopsy or hysterectomy treatment. Be sure that you have previous discussion with the doctor about your condition and the proper treatment to take to avoid any wrong decision. The cone biopsy itself is only recommended for the patient that hassub stage 1A1 of cervical cancer.
Different thing happen when you have higher stage of cervical cancer stage. If you get 1B or higher cervical cancer then you should have some serious discussion with your doctor to decide whether you want to continue your pregnancy or not regarding your condition. If your decision is not to continue then you can take radiation and radical hysterectomy. In the other side, cesarean section is the properly action to take for delivery process. If you have advanced stages then you will need more immediate treatment for cervical cancer.