Complete Understanding of Cervical Cancer Causes

Main reason of cervical cancer causes is the presence of abnormal changes on cervix cell. This cancer cell is in cervix area. This cancer cell having some constant change since it is infected by HPV or human papilloma virus. Other thing that is also needed to be aware is unhealthy life style such as smoking cigarette or has a lot of sex partner. This is the beginning of the cancer cell growth. Unluckily, cancer cells grow out in a multiply. It is uncontrolled and do not die.

When you are already find out the cervical cancer causes then you can continue to see what type of cervical cancer that you have. It is important to decide what type of proper treatment that you can take beside the prognosis. The first type of cervix cancer is the squamous cell carcinoma. It happens when some flat and thin squamous cell lining in outer part of cervix getting attacked by the cancer virus. The next type is adenocarcinoma. It will attack the column shaped glandular cell that lining the cervical canal.
Want to reveal more deeply on causes of cervical cancer? Get the detail below:
Decreasing of immune system level
When your immune system gets weakened then the risk of getting cervical cancer will be increased. For example, when you gave some organ transplant without regular cervical screening test then you will have higher risk to get attacked by cancer virus. That is why you need to maintain your immune system level. Healthy immune system will add the protection of your cell and killing the abnormal cell.
Smoking cigarettes
Believe it or not, smoking can lead you into squamous cell cervical cancer. The benzyrene that finding in cigarette smoke will attack the cervical mucus. It makes some damage on the cervix area even though the Langerhans cell that functioned as protector cannot be fully performed its duty. 
Pill consumption
Some of you may choose pills consumption as protection. Unluckily, most of the pill consumer is more sexually active. More sexually active life means higher risk of getting HPV virus attack. Even women that consuming pill at least for 5 years has higher cervix cancer risk attack.
In fact, unhealthy sexual life such as have more sexual partner can increase your cervical cancer risk. Earlier you start to have sex or more men as sexual partner will add the risk of getting HPV virus. Try to have healthy sexual life such as using condom, open communication with partner about safe sex and avoiding any young age sexual contact.
The amount of children you have and the time you have it
Next causes of cervical cancer are the many amounts of children that you have. More children that you have then the risk of getting cervical cancer are also increased. Having child in younger age such as 17 years old is also increasing the cervical cancer risk.
If you have family or relatives with squamous cell carcinoma or adenocarcinoma then you have higher risk of getting cervical cancer.
Close to chemical
If you have a job that surrounded by chemical then it may doubling your risk to get cervix cancer. Tetrachloroethylene that is usually used in metal degreasing and dry cleaning is the one that have higher exposure level.
In fact, women that living in poorest area are likely have higher risk of cervical cancer.
Consuming diethylstilbestrol

Diethylstilbestrol is a kind of medication to stop miscarriage. If you consuming it then you may get infected with clear cell adenocarcinoma.
Try to reveal the cervical cancer causes to make you have proper understanding of cervical cancer and how to treat it properly.