Brief Explanation of What is Cervical Cancer

If you want to know one of the most dangerous diseases for women then you better reveal of what is cervical cancer completely. Cervical cancer itself is a kind of cancer that attacking the cervix cell which is the lower part of uterus that connecting to the vagina. Most of this cancer is caused by the HPV or human papilloma virus which is sexually transmitted. At first, the immune system may prevent the virus harm but it is not the end of the story. The virus stay for years and it makes some cell on the cervix surface become cancer cell.
You can get this cancer is there is an abnormal cell on your cervix that growing out ofyour control. Earlier act to decrease the cervical cancer risk is taking the screening test or getting the HPV vaccine. In fact, it can be well treated as long as you can find and treat it as soon as possible. One of effective prevention is Pap test. Need to know further of what is cervical cancer? This type of cancer is infecting through making sexual contact with someone that having this disease.
Try to have a regular Pap test to find out whether there are some unusual changes on your cervical cells. This action is effective enough to prevent the cell changes into cancer. Even though categorized as deadly disease but it is rarely showing any symptom. However, some sign may appear like abnormal bleeding on your vagina after sexual intercourse, after menopause or between menstrual period. Not only that, abnormal vaginal discharge, pain during sex intercourse or painful feeling in the pelvis or lower belly area is also can be the sign.
Since the sign is not always shown up then you really need to have Pap test. Usually, the doctor will scrapes small sample of cell from cervix surface and looking for any cell changes. The doctor may also take a sample of your tissue if you have some cervical cancer sign. For the treatment itself, you may get the surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy. When surgery act is applied, the doctor will remove the pelvic lymph nodes by removing or not removing the fallopian tubes and ovaries.
You may also try the treatment combination to make it as effective as possible. Some treatment may lead into consequences. If you take hysterectomy then you cannot have a child. You do not need to worry since the cervical cancer can be cured without hysterectomy as long as you can find the cancer earlier and treat it well. This disease somehow makes women get harder life. That is why you better find continuous support from your family, friends or even counselor. Try to practice safe sex while equipped yourself with sufficient understanding of what is cervical cancer.