Complete Types of Treatment for Cervical Cancer Part 1

Finding proper treatment for cervical cancer is holding important factor for your health during cancer cell invasion. You can deal better with the disease as long as you choose the right treatment type. One of effective treatment choice is taking it based on the cervical cancer stage. Stage itself will be affected by the location of the cancer in the cervix area, type of the cancer, physical condition of the patient, age and the willingness of having a baby or not.
Want to know deeper about treatment based on the stage? Get to know about it as detailed below:

Stage 0
Stage 0 is the first stage. This stage is also well known as carcinoma in situ. During this stage, the cancer cell is located in the surface layer of the cervix and not yet grown in the deeper layer of the cell. If it is happen to you, the squamous cell carcinoma in situ treatment is the best option. The treatment is including laser surgery, cold knife conization, loop electrosurgical excision procedure and cryosurgery. Besides that hysterectomy is also suggested especially for the adenocarcinoma in situ case.
If you still wish to have a child then you better choose cone biopsy treatment. To have this type of treatment, you will need to make sure that there is no cancer cell at the edges and you will always be monitored. When you already get the baby then you can turn into hysterectomy. Another thing that you better aware is the recurrence of pre-cancerous changes. Regular Paptest or colposcopy is also suggested to make sure the cancer will not recurrence again in the cervix and vaginal area.
Stage 1A1
The treatment type on this stage will be depending on whether you want to have a baby or not. Besides that, the condition of the cancer itself needs to be monitored. The monitoring action need to be held to make sure whether the cancer cell already grown into the blood or lymph vessel or not. If you want to maintain your fertility then you can choose cone biopsy to remove the cancer. As long as the cone edges do not have cancer cell then you will not need any further treatment.
If the cone biopsy edges have cancer cells then you should do some cone biopsy repetition or turn into radical trachelectomy. Trachelectomy is the process when you remove the cervix and upper vagina. This type of radical treatment should only be held if there is some lymphovascular invasion. If you do not willing to have baby then you can choose hysterectomy method. Radical hysterectomy or removing the pelvic lymph nodes is needed when the cancer cell is already invading the blood or lymph vessel.
Stage 1A2
Treatment type for this stage is depending to your concern about baby. If you want to have baby then you may choose radical trachelectomy by removing the pelvic lymph nodes. Another option is cone biopsy and pelvic lymph node dissection that following by carefully examination. Different treatment will apply to women that are not willing to have baby. You can take radical hysterectomy with lymph nodes removal in the pelvic or external beam radiation therapy to the pelvis as your treatment for cervical cancer.