Finding Out What Causes of Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is one of the most well know of killing disease for women in the world and you need to know what causes of cervical cancer to deal with it. At least, proper knowledge will make you more aware and prepared. In fact, cancer itself is created from the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells. Abnormal cells are different with common cells that have certain lifespan and die to give new cell chance to replace. Abnormal cell do not die and keep multiplying.

One of the most common recognized causes of cervical cancer is the infection of human papilloma virus. Even 70% of cervical cancer is resulting from the HPV infection. This virus is a sexually transmitted one. There are more than 100 types of HPV but only 15 types of it that can caused cervical cancer. The HPV type that is causing cervical cancer is the types 6 and 11. If women have more sexual partner or earlier active in sexual then they will get higher risk of cervical cancer.
If you have sexual contact with someone that has HPV virus then you can get cervical cancer. More sexual partner that you have is also the indication of high risk of cervical cancer. Sexually active in younger age is also one of causes. Not only sexual relationship, smoking is also bad habit that may lead you into cancer including cervical cancer. People with low immune level are also easily to get this disease.
When you get some organ transplantation from immunosuppressive medication then you are also carrying higher risk of cervical cancer. Genetic is another factor that may become causes of cervical cancer. Mental stress that happens in long term is also possible to be factor since women that have higher stress level will have less ability to protect them from HPV attack. Giving birth in very young age is also bringing higher risk to get this disease rather than those who give birth on 25 or more.
Even if you have several pregnancies then you have higher risk of cervical cancer. Consuming contraceptive pill in a long term is also increase the possibility to get attacked by this disease. If you have other sexually transmitted disease such as syphilis, gonorrhea or chlamydia then you may also get cervical cancer. Women with lower social economic status are also carrying higher possibility to get this disease rather than woman in high of social and economic condition.
Oral transmission
In fact, cervical cancer is also possible to be transmitted through oral. For example, you may get this disease when you have oral to oral or oral to genital HPV infection.
Less people know that HPV is already infected two thirds of American adult. That is why you better studying about cervical cancer causes to prevent any unwanted thing to happen.